Your Social Media Round Up in Brief 

First up – Facebook/Instagram Stories – To date Facebook Stories have fallen a bit flat, we’re lucky if we see even one at the top of our Facebook timeline yet our Instagram is full of them. Well that could all be about to change.

Apparently Facebook have confirmed they are rolling out the option to share your Instagram stories to Facebook Stories. However the plan currently doesn’t involve sharing your Facebook Stories to Instagram Stories. You still with us?

Twitter Trials 280 character limit – It’s just trialling it at this stage. Currently the character limit is 140, so at 280 the scope for a tweet is literally doubling! We haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet but the tweets we have seen from people who have look sooooooo long! Have you seen it yet? What are your thoughts?

Twitter Bookmarks – This is probably the thing we are most excited about hearing in the edition! Twitter are “working on” a bookmark feature. Which means you can”Save” something you want to look at at a later date, without having to “Like” it, which is currently the only real option. We can’t wait!

Instagram Poll Stickers on Instagram Stories – Woah we love these! So basically if you use Instagram Stories you can now add a Poll Sticker. So you can stick various stickers on your images but you can also ask a question and give the sticker two options for people to click on. Start your Instagram Story as usual and you’ll see the stickers option top right.

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