Wow them!

This blog is inspired by a top tip Nicky received in an email from a Social Media Managers membership group she is part of, The Inner Hub with The Two Lauras. It was too good not to share!

They suggested finding people who had a marketing budget by using the free magazines that pop trough your door and seeing who is using them to advertise. The ones that are, have a marketing budget. Makes sense.

So it got us thinking about how other businesses could find their ideal clients, rather than just waiting and hoping they will come to them.

Here are our 3 ideas –

Have you considered collaborating? We’re huge fans of this and it offers a great opportunity to broaden your offering whilst opening yourselves up to a new market. Think about what your business is lacking that you can’t provide. How many times has a client decided not to work with or buy from you because you can’t offer them everything they need? Don’t be scared of collaborating, it can be hugely successful and offer you ways to scale up your business too.

Have you ever written a guest blog? Some of you will know we have been showcasing a business each week on our mail shot, which we have really enjoyed doing, we know it allows the contributor to reach a new audience whilst also bringing our audience some really valuable information thy wouldn’t have otherwise got from us. Nicky wrote an article for a publication once and we got a new client from it within the week, they are still with us two years on. Contact publications which you know your ideal clients read and ask if you can contribute a blog or article to them. Plus, remember you can re-purpose, it doesn’t have to mean more work.

Pitch to your dream client, but wow them. We’re about to do this, (wish us luck!) Don’t presume that because a company already has what you offer already in place that it’s working for them. Who would you love to work with? What problem could you solve for them? What uniqueness could you bring? Write them an impressive proposal, make sure it gets straight to the desk of the decision maker and do something to make it pop; send doughnuts for the team, do a video intro, something that will wow them and make you stand out. You want them to remember you so that even if now isn’t the right time, when it is, it’s you they think of.

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