Babbl Social offer bespoke social media marketing packages to suit small to medium sized businesses, as well as lots more to help your business boom.
It’s a well known fact that all businesses thrive with the benefit of a well executed social media presence. Babbl’s owners, James and Nicola have a passion for championing small businesses, so wanted to develop a brand that offered quality social media marketing that was accessible to all.
Having previously worked with both independent businesses and charitable organisations to enhance their presence across all social media platforms, they are now looking forward to working with you to increase your customer base, turnover or brand presence and to offer you great value for money and an unrivaled level of customer service. 


Video & Design

James adds the creative flair here at Babbl. He designs our lovely images, bespoke videos, mail shots and also creates beautiful websites like this one! He spends most of his life on linkedIn when he isn’t trying to keep up with his 3 boys at home.


 Social Media Content 

Nicola loves social media and spends her days researching, learning and scheduling posts on any platform she can. She gets her kicks from supporting small businesses and seeing them flourish. In her spare time she can usually be found in the kitchen baking cakes.


Childcare Sector Paid Ads, SEO and Websites

Ben and his team at Childcare Marketing look after anything childcare and digital marketing related that doesn’t cover social media. So we collaborate with them to deliver everything in the childcare sector to ensure you are dealing with experts across the board. When he’s not out and about visiting nurseries, or sitting at his desk on dry land, you’ll find him doing one of his favourite things, sailing.


Facebook and Instagram Ads

Laura is a marketing whizz who lives for the buzz of a successful advertising campaign. In the rare moments of peace she has, you will find her with a book (probably sci fi related) in one hand and a tipple in the other. Cheers!


Web Developer

Will gets excited by code, creating websites that have simplicity and a well defined user journey to make brands come to life. A website that looks great is one thing, but one that automates tasks and saves you time is another. When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his 2 boys or enjoying time in the Lake District.