What does a Social Media Manager get paid?

What does a Social Media Manager get paid?

The answer, which you’re probably not going to want, is – it varies. But we won’t leave it at that.

Some Social Media Managers are employed, some are freelance and some work as a management team within their own company, it would be impossible for us to cover the variables.

So, the quickest way for us to answer is to direct you to our Pricing page on our website, but before we do that we want to tell you something very important; we operate on rolling monthly contracts. So you aren’t tied in, you can cancel us at any time with just 30 days notice (because we’re often working that far ahead on your content) We know it can be difficult for small businesses to commit as you never know what’s around the corner, we also understand that the needs of your business may change, and ultimately that you want the security of knowing you can cancel if you need to, we get it. So now, here is our basic price structure but if none of these quite fit we can work on something bespoke to you, which is something we do all the time, but for now these will give you an idea of our charges https://www.babbl.co.uk/social-media

When deciding whether to outsource your social media it’s worth considering how much you would have to pay someone to do it in house. There’s their regular pay, employers NI, holiday pay, sick pay, the workplace pension. Suddenly for many small businesses outsourcing can look like an economical option!

If you want to know more, or would just like an informal chat about your options then give us a call on 01332 899409.

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