What does a Social Media Manager do?

What does a Social Media Manager do?

Good question, and one we’re often taken by surprise by, after all most businesses are on Social Media now aren’t they?

Well yes, many are, however there are a large number that have Pages on the  social media platforms but don’t keep them upto date. Sometimes because they don’t know what to post or the best way of doing it, more often because  they simply don’t have the time. So what a social media management company does is take care of it for them.

First of all we find out as much as we can about your company and who your customers are. From this we can usually work out where they are likely to be ‘hanging out’ on social media so that we can priorities those platforms. Some companies just want us to cover them all and that’s fine, but for some, where a budget is limited, we need to prioritise.

Once we have determined this we look at the page insights and reporting to find out when most of your followers are online, this way we can be sure to post at the best time so that we hit the majority of the followers with your published content. Often people don’t give this a thought and just post when  they think about it which can mean it isn’t seen by the optimum number of people.

Ideally, when we initially start working together, you will send over to us everything you have that we can use. Any images, information, customers reviews etc, anything. We will then collate it all and formulate a plan. On an ongoing basis you can send anything you think we might be able to use via email, WhatsApp, text, whatever suits. We want to make life easy for you. You will still be able to post if you want to, but we always suggest sending it to us so we can make it look really good, use relevant hashtags etc where applicable and post it at the best time.

After the above we get down to writing content for your pages. We will produce a number of posts at a time which cover relevant information; what it is you do,what services/products you offer, reviews from previous customers, relevant industry news or information – basically lots of engaging content aimed at getting your followers to interact with the Page and organically grow your reach and following. Alongside these we will produce eye catching graphics in your company colours so that there is a professional and uniformed approach across your online presence.

So what do we mean by ‘organically’ – In this day and age it’s easy to buy followers and quickly increase your pages following. However most of the followers you buy won’t be interested in what you do, could be from another country you can’t work with, or are fake profiles set up by people for this specific reason so they’re not even real. What we do is grow your page properly and with real people who are interested in what you do. Numbers now are just a vanity metric. It’s far more important to have fewer, engaged followers than a huge number who never interact with your Page and are never going to buy from you, what’s the point? So our focus is always on growing your social ​media platforms the right way. Once we have written the initial set of content you are welcome to look over it before it is posted, then we’ll schedule it to post to your Pages at the ultimate time.

Once we’re at this stage your involvement is dependent on your wishes. You can deal with all incoming comments or messages, or we can do this for you; checking with you for any answers we are unsure of. You still maintain access to all the platforms, you can still post if you want to and your Pages and the content on them still belongs to you. Additionally we can seek out opportunities to recommend you on relevant groups and pages looking for your product and services. We can also alert you to any opportunities to get your product seen by more people online. We try to cover as many angles as possible to drive people to your business.

We work on rolling monthly contracts so you can cancel at any time just giving us 30 days notice, so you’re not tied in for lengthy periods, we understand that for small businesses it can be difficult to commit. You can leave us to crack on, or we can talk as often as you like – as a small business ourselves we understand it can feel like a big step allowing someone to represent your company.

So to answer what does a social media manager do? We give you a consistent, uniformed and professional image across various social media platforms so thatyou don’t have to worry about finding time to post to social media again, it’s all taken care of for you and just keeps happening constantly behind the scenes. A weight off your mind.

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