We’re Award Winning!

Lockdown hasn’t been quite what we expected. When we left our office at the end of February (after just a month in it!) we were a little concerned for what the next few months were going to look like, and with 6 children between us who would all be off school, we thought that even is business was quiet, we’d have them, and home-schooling, to keep us busy!

Little did we know that actually we would be as busy as ever and our business would continue to get a steady stream of enquiries, from businesses who knew the importance of remaining visible at this crucial time. It has given us both some structure and routine to our time in lockdown, something we don’t take for granted.

Back in the early part of this year ClubHubUK announced we were a finalist in their nationwide awards, in the Supplier of the Year category. ClubHub is a multi award winning kids activities directory, covering from newborns to 18 years across the whole of the UK, over 1000 applications had been received for their awards, so to be named as a finalist in a sector we love working with was amazing. At that time we had tickets booked for their glitzy award ceremony in a Birmingham hotel.

Then Covid-19 struck, the awards day was cancelled and instead went virtual on the evening of Saturday 16th May. After logging in and listening to some guest speakers the time for the awards came, and just at that moment the world and its wife also logged on and the connection went down. For an hour we battled to get connection but to no avail, the ClubHub servers couldn’t take the strain and message after message appeared on our screens; “Are you on yet” “Can you see it?” “Have they announced the winner of this one yet” It was so frustrating! Eventually some kind hearted soul put us out of our misery and told us in the scrolling chat we had won! We were stunned, of course we had hoped to win it, but with this many entries we didn’t really expect to! It was about as far away from the glam awards ceremony as could be, but it didn’t matter, we were elated.

We were told the judges had selected their winners based on their commitment to excellence, innovation and growth of their business through their business performance, achievements, brand values and passion for what they do. We were over the moon to be recognised in an industry we champion many small businesses in, doing something we love.

So, next May off we will go to the one year late awards ceremony, and celebrate our win with all the other winners of the ClubHub Awards 2020. But as soon as social distancing is eased we’ll be having our own little celebration, because we haven’t even been able to do that!

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