Ok, so, first of all, there are over 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, so whilst it may not be as heavily populated as other social networks, it’s certainly not a number to be sniffed at. Sprout Social report that over 50% of Twitter users earn more than $50,000 a year, does this demographic fit with your ideal client? If so, you need to get yourself on there.

Twitter is the social network that sees things happen in real time and fast. It’s like the best part of Facebook, the status updates, but rather than following friends and family you’re following people that talk about subjects that interest and matter to you, you’re following your favourite sports star so you can hear directly from them rather than some tabloid newspaper which has taken their words out of context, you’re following journalists that are there on the front line letting you know what’s happening the moment it happens, you’re following the retailer you purchase from so you have direct access to their customer service department. That said, it took us a while to find the love for Twitter (many, many moons ago!) because we just didn’t get it. Which is something we hear day in, day out now too, but you’re missing out, and we want to rectify this!

First of all head to on a desktop and go through the setup procedure, one thing to mention here is that the full name you enter will be your display name, but you can change this whenever you want. So also worth bearing in mind is if you have a dormant Twitter account with quite a lot of followers you could consider reviving this and amending the name so that you hold onto those followers, also worth considering if you have closed a company and started a new business.

As part of set up, you will be asked to choose your interests, you can skip and come back to this but it is worth doing. This will help Twitter determine the kind of people you might like to follow, which can help in the early days.

Ok, so now you should be ‘in’ and what you need to do next is head to Settings and Privacy which can be found by clicking the icon next to the Tweet button in the top right of the screen. Make sure this isn’t too complicated, is easy to remember and reflects your business name somehow. Whilst you are there you need to edit your profile and choose an image for your avatar (we recommend logo) as well as your cover photo, complete your bio and include the link to your website. If you need more help with any of this then drop us an email to

Now you need to get following. Let us just reiterate here, of course, it’s ok to follow friends and family, however, what we are aiming for are for you to be following people you admire, you find interesting, influencers, people who might be able to help your business move forward AND your ideal customer! (More on those later!)

Next up, get tweeting! The only real way to learn Twitter is to just get in there and do it. Tweets have a maximum of 280 characters now, so you have to be clear with what you want to say, but we think this makes for a really concise message when you’re scrolling through. However, if you have more to say than you can fit within these parameters then you can type your tweet and press the + button at the bottom of the box and link another tweet to it, this creates a Twitter thread and Twitter threads are currently HOT!

You can add a photo, video, gif or poll to your tweet and it’s worth mentioning here that tweets with an image attached are 34% more likely to get retweeted than a tweet with no image. So now, hashtags, Twitter likes a hashtag or two, but that’s it. It’s not Instagram so it doesn’t like too many. Ultimately you are including hashtags so that people can find your tweet within a search of the hashtags you’re using. This is especially useful if you’re tweeting about a trending topic. On the app you can see what’s trending by clicking the magnifying glass, if you’ve got something to say on any of these subjects that can often be good for building your audience as users often look at the trending topics. You can also use hashtags to define your area or trade, we often use #Derbyshire and #SocialMediaManagement.

So what we’re trying to achieve here is for as many of your ideal customers as possible to be following you. A good way to start this is for you to follow them, Twitter isn’t like Facebook in that if you’re friends with someone you see each other’s posts, If you’re following someone you can see what they post but they won’t automatically see what you post in their Twitter feed, they need to be following you to achieve this. So the best way to find your ideal customer is by keyword, so if for example, you are a beauty therapist covering a specific area, we would start by looking for people in that area using the search button. If your ideal clients are accountants but you can work nationwide, then search for accountants and follow them. The people you follow will get an alert saying you are following them and often they will follow you back which is perfect.

Then you need to make sure your tweets are informative, useful, sometimes fun and always in the tone you want your company or yourself to portray. We don’t want a flippant tweet in the heat of the moment to come back and haunt you.

One final thing we want to mention is the bell icon on the app, on the desktop it will say ‘notifications’ next to it. This tells you when someone has posted a tweet and mentioned you in it, or retweeted a tweet of yours, or replied to you. Keep an eye on this as this is where some of your greatest interaction will occur. Always respond if someone replies to you or messages you, and it’s cool to say thank you if someone retweets something of yours. Remember what we’re here for, to build relationships.

If you are following people the kind of people that meet the criteria mentioned above then we’re confident you will grow to love Twitter, it’s fast-paced and succinct and will end up being your go to platform when you need information and fast.

We’d love to follow you, so if you’ve just set up your account, haven’t used it in a while, or maybe you’re a seasoned pro; drop us a tweet @BabblSocial and most importantly, get tweeting!

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