Social Media Tips for Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Kids Clubs.

Using social media for any business can be successful, but first you need to work out where your ideal clients are and ensure that’s the platform you prioritise. We manage social media for all types of businesses, and we specialise in the nurseries and kids clubs market. For these businesses the number one platform is Facebook, it generally hits the right target market, it’s very much community driven, and it’s still the social media platform of choice for people who need recommendations and information.

So with this in mind, these are our top tips to make your Facebook page a valuable asset to your business.

 ·      Make sure the photo’s you are using for your profile picture and cover video are the right size, not ‘made to fit’ and are professional. Company logo is always advisable for the profile picture, and did you know you can use a video for your cover photo?

 ·      Make sure you include as much information on your profile as possible, we live in an age where people want the information instantly; opening hours, location, do you accept funded places, do you offer after school clubs?

·      Don’t post content which is constantly ‘selling’ to people. Ensure about 80% of what you post is interesting and useful to your reader, here are some examples;

o   Let them see sneak peaks inside the setting, such as what’s for snack today, what activities are lined up? Are there any new displays, toys, equipment?

o   What events do you have coming up? Any trips to the park, teddy bears picnics, dress up days, fundraisers?

o   Information in the news about funding, EYFS, studies which show why a pre-school environment is great for children, why you should read your child a story at bedtime and that kind of thing.

o   Where are you based? Are you on a popular commuter route? How many minutes are you from a big housing estate or large industrial site with lots of employees?

 ·      That leaves 20% of content which can be more direct selling in nature, with a clear call to action. An example of this would be; ‘We have spaces available for funded 2 and 3 year olds. Contact us now, by clicking the Message button at the top of the page, to arrange a FREE trial day’

 ·      Ask for Reviews. There is simply no better publicity than word of mouth. Ask for reviews on your Facebook page and then use these reviews as posts on your page. They really are invaluable.

 ·      Make sure you are keeping an eye on local community pages such as local mums groups and community Spotted sites. We watch all of these for our clients and recommend them at every opportunity. Some people won’t even know you exist and it often leads to other people commenting and recommending you too.

·      Respond to every comment that people make on your posts, even if it’s a simple thank you, it helps the pesky Facebook algorithms see your page and prioritise it if there is regular activity on it.We have had tremendous success, when working with pre schools and out of school kids clubs. Increasing one nursery’s turnover by 120% in just five months, done simply by applying all of the above to the pages we manage. We’re confident you can too, but if it’s not your strong point, or you don’t have the time, then talk to us about our management packages or our new DIY Childcare Content Pack; we supply the content and you can upload it all yourself by simply copying and pasting  

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