Social Media Management is not an Admin job. 

There we said it. If you want social media done properly on the platforms you use for yourbusiness, and you don’t have someone in house who can do it, then outsource it if you can.But be careful who you outsource it to. Social media is not an admin job.

Social media marketing is strategic. We put together a plan. We know who your idealcustomers are, we work our content around reaching them. We want to turn them into yourfollowers, then your fans and then your customers. We know who we’re talking to and whatwe want them to do, then after they purchased from you that first time, we want them tocome back again and again, and tell their friends and family about you too.

Social Media Managers understand marketing and how it works, we know the benefits ofoffering great customer service as well as crisis management, we know it’s crucial to usedifferent language to appeal to different audiences, and we know where those audienceshang out online.

Social Media Managers know when to use hashtags and when not to, we know when to postso that your post gets seen by the biggest audience possible. We understand the importanceof branding and aesthetics, we keep up to date with the relentless changes and what weneed to do to get the most out of them, and get your business seen.

When you’re paying for social media management you’re paying for us to do all these thingsand more, consider that when outsourcing. Think about whether you are a good fit, are theyused to working with people in your industry? Do they niche? Are you in their niche? Whatdo you want to achieve? Do they believe they can help you achieve it? Are you likely tooutsource other marketing work too? Can they help you with that and keep it all under oneroof?

Admin work is highly skilled in specific areas, admin assistants are usually trained and investin their ongoing learning and can be extremely effective in saving you time and money. Wecouldn’t do a lot of what admin assistants do. We stick to our own lane. Social media is notan admin job.

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