Social Media for Business and Why You Need It.

There are over 2 billion internet users who have active social media accounts. These are the places your customers are choosing to go to and they are open to receiving information from them, and best of all, it is mostly free to reach them. Bizjournals state that 47% of purchase decisions made by millennials are influenced by social media! Using it for business is no longer an option, it’s a must!

1.  Direct access to your end user – Ok, this one might seem obvious but from a marketing point of view you can get your message across directly to the end user, whether that be a business or a member of the public. It gives you an opportunity to answer any questions and means your client can feel they are getting accurate advice from the people who really know.

2.  Your customers want service – A study by J.D.Power showed that over 67% of consumers now use social media for customer service. Timely responses and interactions are crucial. If your last tweet was 3 months ago the trust in your reliability just isn’t going to be there. You need to show you are open for business, available and consistent. 47% of marketers stated Twitter was the best social media platform for customer engagement, but that only works if you’re using it.

3.  Social Media is a great way to be nosy! – Want to know what your competitors are doing? Check out their social media pages! You can be sure that if they are running any offers, launching a new product or voicing an opinion they will be using social media to do it. You don’t even need to be following their page to check them out either so they won’t know you are looking. Hmmmm, sneaky.

4.  Get your message out there FAST! – If you’re waiting for people to read something in print, a mailshot or magazine, or hoping they’ll stop by your website, there’s a delay in them receiving any message you want to share. Social Media is pretty instantaneous. Press send on a tweet or Facebook update and bam! It’s there and it’s live!

5.  Do people know you even exist? – Social Media helps you create brand awareness. Even if people don’t buy something from you immediately, social media lets people know you are trading, and next time they need your product or service they’ll know all about you. 77% of businesses selling direct to a consumer said they had acquired new customers through Facebook.*

6.  People buy from people – We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again; people buy from people. Engage with your customers, build relationships, be responsive and the rest will all fall into place. Over 50 million businesses use Facebook business pages. It’s imperative you are one of them.

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