Smash your Headline

We get asked all the time how you can make your profile stand out on LinkedIn. The real key is making sure you are found in the first place, so you have an opportunity to showcase yourself.

Now, of course the best way to get seen on LinkedIn is to create interesting, original, engaging content. However another way to ensure you are found is to make sure your LinkedIn headline is going to help you appear in searches for what you offer.

Think of LinkedIn like an internet search engine of over 700 million people. You’re waiting to be discovered. A great starting point for a headline is to put your current role in then – I help X to Y so they can Z  – then, if there’s room add something that will make people remember or resonate with you.

Nicky could have something like – Owner of Babbl. I manage social media for businesses so they can focus on the parts of their business they love. Wine lover, chocolate cake maker and trash tv addict.

Let us know if this helps you and send James or Nicky a connection request over on LinkedIn if we’re not already connected.

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