Should I use LinkedIn?

Many people think LinkedIn is full of stuffy business types talking high brow subjects and they would be way out of their depth. Wrong. LinkedIn used to be a little like this but it isn’t any more.

LinkedIn has over 575 million users covering a wide range of businesses, and ultimately it’s worth remembering that although traditionally it has been used for B2B customers, all these users are still consumers, so there has definitely been an emergence of B2C businesses over the last couple of years.

We’ve also seen a more relaxed platform evolve as time has gone on, some of the hardcore original LinkedIn members sometimes complain about this, but for the majority it is embraced. Social has changed over the last few years and followers want to see the faces behind the brand, hear your story and get to know you, the users on LinkedIn are aware for his and modifying their content to fit and it’s working.

We get daily leads through LinkedIn, a year or two ago we wouldn’t have believed this possible, and whilst we had a presence on there it wasn’t our priority. James made this his platform of choice around a year ago, and his unique postings on there have garnered him a large and engaged community whom we have collaborated with on many occasions, and like I mentioned above, bring us leads on a daily basis.

So lets share our top tips for cracking LinkedIn –

First tip is to be you! Sounds simple enough but we mean really show your personality, it is possible to do this whilst remaining professional. Don’t be afraid to share your views and have opinions, it will help people get to know you and it is ‘you’ they will decide whether to work with or not. In a similar way to how Facebook has encouraged you to show a more personal side, LinkedIn is also ready for this fresher way of being social.

Our next LinkedIn tip is a simple one – Use hashtags on your posts, but no more than three.

Plus, wherever possible, don’t include URL’s in your posts as LinkedIn restricts them, a LOT! A good option is to pop a URL in the comment once your post is published.

Like most social networking, you don’t want to be constantly posting salesy posts about your business, people will zone out if they keep seeing ‘Buy this’ and ‘Special Offer on that.’ Instead tell them what you’re upto that day, share a video of something you’re working on, ask for advice, share your expertise. When people start to engage with you they will check out your profile and what you do anyway.

Next, remember to build your network full of people who are your ideal clients. The search facility on LinkedIn is really strong and you can narrow people down by job title and area too. Use it and help your network grow. Another way to expand your network is get in on the conversations. Don’t just put content out there regularly and hope for the best. You need to comment on people’s status, engage in conversation, get to know people and get seen. If you’re doing this the connection requests will start pinging through.

 Whether you are a regular user on LinkedIn or you’re about to put our tips into action, let us know how you find it. If you’ve got any questions just message us. We’d love to help.

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