Resolutions you can stick to

Apparently around 80% of New Years Resolutions get broken. So, this month we’re going to
help you make some resolutions you can stick to, and that you will see results from.

Social Media is often the thing that gets left until last on any business owners lists of things
to do, however making some small and simple changes can make the task much more
achievable. We’ve detailed some minor tweaks below that won’t take hours every week.

  1. Choose one or two platforms to be present on regularly rather than try to cover
    them all. As a general rule the ones that work best for nurseries are Facebook and
  2. If your posting is currently very hit and miss, don’t try to suddenly jump towards
    posting daily. Resolve to post just twice a week.
  3. Do you ‘post and run’ and never engage with your commenters? Commit to
    responding to every comment, even if it is a simple ‘thank you.’
  4. Find a community group on Facebook that is active and in the town you are based.
    Post to it, respond to questions where applicable and share your news.
  5. Resolve to share videos. Even if it is just once a month at first. These are still the
    highest performing kind of posts across all platforms, so you really do need to use
    them. They can take just minutes to do if you are prepared and confident. If the
    thought of being on camera fills you with dread, film videos that are of the actvity or
    children, or find a staff member in the setting who lights up in front of a camera.
  6. Ask for testimonials and share them. A client of ours recently received a video
    testimonial from one of the children who attends, and it was absolute gold!
    Hopefully these small changes feel achievable, and if you stick to even one of them you
    should see some improvement in your social media success in 2022.

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Resolutions you can stick to

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