New feature in Canva

We LOVE Canva. It is a fantastic and easy to use tool for creating your own images for social media, leaflets, training, CV’s and pretty much anything you would need to design. It’s also full of templates which are brilliant if you don’t really have an eye for these sorts of things.

Anyway, we digress. We love the fact that are so innovative, they are ever evolving with new designs and styles and that is the reason we’ve highlighted them in our email today. They have launched an amazing new range of comic strips and illustrations, which we were so excited to use that you can see some of them making their debut today!

Illustrations can be a really good alternative to stock photos when you are short of images to use. Generally stock photo’s of people dressed in smart suits around a boardroom table can be a bit of a turn off, but pop an illustration in there and it can be quite quirky and draw the eye in. Obviously they need to be in keeping with your business and not unprofessional or too light hearted if the subject matter isn’t.

We’d love to know what you think.

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