Make sure it’s win win

Have you ever run a competition on your social pages? They can be a great way to boost engagement with your existing audience as well as helping you find a new one.

Our top tip though is this – Make sure the prize is uniquely relevant to your ideal audience.

For example, let’s just say you offer a £50 Amazon voucher as your competition prize. Then let’s say your business is B2B only and you specialise in working with CEO’s in the financial services industry, you then end up with everyone from every kind of vocation possible following you, who will never have a need to work with you. Or you are a restaurant based in Cornwall, and end up with followers who are all over the UK who will likely never get to visit your restaurant. Because who wouldn’t want to win an Amazon voucher?

Boosting your followers with people who aren’t your target audience is a pointless exercise and one that would be detrimental to your social media pages. The less people that engage with your content makes the platform think your posts are boring and they don’t show them to as many people.

However, if you are a Chocolate Shop that ships nationwide, or a Mortgage broker who can help people nationally, then a generic prize can work well. Who doesn’t like chocolate and most people need a mortgage at some point don’t they?

You with us?

Running a competition can be a great idea, just don’t get bogged down with numbers. You should always aim for quality followers who are engaged and interested in what you offer.

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