Lock In some Leverage on LinkedIn

It’s been a while since we blogged so we thought we’d better make it worthwhile and sharewith you some tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn. Many people avoid this platform, fora number of reasons, but when it’s used well it can be a great shop window for you and yourbusiness. After all, the professionals on there are also all consumers too. LinkedIn haschanged a lot over the last 12 months and whereas previously it was thought of as a bit of arecruitment platform and quite stuffy and overly professional, it is now much more relaxedand personal, a place where you can get to know people you might want to work with, andlet people see you as the person behind the business, not just a CV.

So, following on from that; first tip is to be you! Sounds simple enough but we mean reallyshow your personality, it is possible to do this whilst remaining professional. Don’t be afraidto share your views and have opinions, it will help people get to know you and it is ‘you’ theywill decide whether to work with or not. In a similar way to how Facebook has encouragedyou to show a more personal side, LinkedIn is also ready for this fresher way of being social.

Our next LinkedIn tip is a simple one – Use hashtags on your posts, but no more than three.Plus, wherever possible, don’t include URL’s in your posts as LinkedIn restricts them, a LOT!

Like most social networking, you don’t want to be constantly posting salesy posts about yourbusiness, people will zone out if they keep seeing ‘Buy this’ and ‘Special Offer on that.’Instead tell them what you’re upto that day, share a video of something you’re working on,ask for advice, share your expertise. When people start to engage with you they will checkout your profile and what you do anyway.

Next, remember to build your network full of people who are your ideal clients. The searchfacility on LinkedIn is really strong and you can narrow people down by job title and areatoo. Use it and help your network grow. Another way to expand your network is get in onthe conversations. Don’t just put content out there regularly and hope for the best. You needto comment on people’s status, engage in conversation, get to know people and get seen. Ifyou’re doing this the connection requests will start pinging through.

Finally, a great analogy we heard recently is this; social media is all noise and you have tomake yourself heard. If you’re in a busy pub and the crowd is rowdy sometimes you canbarely hear the people you are with, but if you dropped a pint glass the place wouldimmediately stop, fall silent and look around. You need to be the pint glass!

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