Lead Magnet Magic.

We thought everyone knew this, but turns out a lot don’t, so we thought we would share it with you just in case.

We are big advocates of growing a mailing list for your business, just so you have something to fall back on if your social media pages disappeared overnight, it has happened, believe us. Also a mailing list gives you a list of people who are already ‘warm’, so when you have something to sell, there’s an audience there.

Very few people are just going to hand over their email address for nothing though. People often think they are going to get spammed constantly and how many times do we just delete mailshots as we know they’re not going to be useful? So, to hand over our precious email address it’s got to be good.

This is where a lead magnet comes in. You offer something really good in exchange for their email address. So, think of your business, what value can you bring to your ideal customer that you can give away for free? If you own a product based business then often it’s a discount code or the promise of being first to hear about any special offers. If you are a service based business then it could be some little known tips or guidance in the form of an eBook.

Here’s an example; last week we spent some time producing a printable called ‘5 Social Media Posts all Childcare Settings Need’ This is connected to a Mailchimp sign up which we will share all over the place. We know this is something childcare settings need, and they will give us their email address to get it. Then, when we’re ready we can email them telling them about a new product we have launching that is exactly what their business needs. Boom! Job done.

So have a think about what you can giveaway, get it connected to a mailing list provider, we use Mailchimp but there are lots, and get it out there. It’s a brilliant way to grow your mailing list with your ideal customers, don’t keep putting it off, start now.

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