Is Twitter relevant? 

Twitter has 145 million active daily users and this is predicted to grow in 2020.

It remains the platform users go to when they want to try to contact a brand directly for a customer service question or for unto date information. It is often the first to break fresh news stories and events occurring around the word are often documented on here in real time. It’s really fast moving and that’s why a lot of people love it.

Around 14% of Twitter’s daily users are based in the UK – that’s over 20 million. So can you afford to rule it out? We’ll share with you what it’s great for.

Most businesses use Twitter to increase brand awareness, generates sales and to showcase their brand as being customer centric by communicating excellently with their following on there. If you want to achieve any of these then Twitter is a great option for you.

The opportunity to connect with customers on Twitter is pretty unique and is often the first port of call, social media wise, for most consumers to contact a brand direct with either a problem or a question, when done well the response is timely and succinct and exactly what your customers want. So you do need to be prepared to check in regularly.

Another thing which is great about Twitter is, you can search for posts that include keywords which might help you find customers. We work for a mortgage and insurance broker and every now and again search for things like ‘mortgage help’ and if someone has put that in their tweet you can swoop in and say ‘We offer mortgages, what are you struggling with?’ We got our client some business which covered our fees for the year with just one customer!

Tweets with hashtags get 100% more engagement. So it’s definitely worth including these as people search by hashtags for topics they’re interested in, so they may come across you this way.

Tweets including videos get 10 x more engagement, so it’s a great platform for this type of content BUT the maximum video length is 140 seconds, so bare that in mind.

 Another bonus with Twitter is it is easy for you to follow your ideal customers and engage with them, this is very difficult, if not impossible, to do as a brand on Facebook for example, so when trying to build a customer base you have a bit of a head start.

Finally, we’ll leave you with this. With over 20 million UK users, apparently 77% of them have more positive feelings towards a brand when their tweet receives a response! Surely that’s worth having a presence on there and being active.

Sources Hootsuite and Hubspot.

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