Is it worth it?

You’re putting all the effort in but is it worth it? Evaluating your social media results is an important part of your marketing efforts. After all, what is the point if you aren’t seeing results?

You need to consider what your aim is with your social media. Is it to get new enquiries? Maybe it’s a way of keeping in touch with current families? Or do you just want to keep an up-to-date professional presence, a bit like a shop window?

The first thing we check with all settings is what platforms they are using and where they are seeing their enquiries come from. In almost all of them Facebook is a front runner with Instagram following closely behind. Twitter and LinkedIn? Great if you have the time, but if not then it’s time to prioritise.

If you want to get more detailed on what is working for your setting then we would advise looking at Facebook’s Insights. These tell you what posts are working well for you and if they are hitting your target demographic by age and area etc. If they are, great. If not, then something needs tweaking.

Look back at some of your posts and check you are including a clear call to action. This could be a ‘Message us now’ or a link click to your website. If you have included one, did you get the desired result? For a post that includes pictures of the children playing outside your desired outcome may purely be likes, and that’s fine too. The important thing is to evaluate your content and make sure it is working.

When you have had an opportunity to collate this information the results need to direct your future marketing. Post more of what is working well for you, and tweak the ones that aren’t and re-evaluate to see if what you changed worked. It can sometimes be the most simplest of things, a different style of image, or a clear call to action.

The most crucial part is to make sure the time you spend planning and executing your marketing plan is time well spent, and is getting the results you desire.

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