How do we manage your social media?

So you’ve decided you’d like us to handle your social media. Great choice! This might be because you simply don’t have the time, you have other things to prioritise or maybe you just don’t know your way around the social media platforms but know they can be a huge benefit to your business.

After you contact us we will arrange to either meet up for a chat, maybe have a Skype conversation, a phone call, or you might just prefer to do it by email. Any way is fine by us. During this chat we’ll get a feel for your company and your ethos. We’ll also talk about what you want to achieve. For most this will be an increase in customers or turnover. For others it will be the opportunity to share news and updates and show you have a consistent and up to date online profile.

If you decide to go ahead and work with us we will send you a four page questionnaire to fill in. It’s not daunting or time consuming. It just requests things such as contact details, who your ideal customer is, what makes you different to your competitors, who are your competitors? All information that helps us understand your business and how we should pitch your social media. There’s also an agreement we both sign that clarifies what you are getting for your money. Oh, and if you were to decide you didn’t want to work with us any more (surely not!) we don’t tie you in to any contracts, we just ask for 14 days notice as we will often be working that far ahead on your pages.

So how does payment work? At this point we’ll also send you the details for setting up a direct debit for the package of your choice. These start at £49.99 and we have lots of options, and if having looked through the options you can’t find one that suits your business perfectly then we’ll work with you to come up with one.

Once we have your completed questionnaire back we’ll get to work. We’ll either set up your social media pages if you don’t already have them, or we’ll take a good look at them and freshen them up where necessary, maybe tweak your profile or cover photo’s, add in some information that’s missing, that sort of thing. Then we’ll spend a few days coming up with some posts and scheduling them in. If you want to take a look at them before they go live to make sure you’re happy then this is no problem at all.

Questions or comments from customers? We’ll answer any of these you receive on any posts. If we need any clarification we’ll contact you before we respond.

Can you still post on your accounts? Absolutely! You still have full access to them and can use them whenever you wish.

That’s it! We’ll keep posting for you, so you don’t have to give your social media a second thought. From time to time we might email you asking for a bit of info, or some images but we’ll try to keep this to a minimum. We’ll be consistent and professional and we can have as much contact as you like. If you want to speak to us daily, weekly or hardly ever that’s fine. We’re here to make your life easier, whilst you reap the reward social media can bring your business.

If we were to finishing working together then your social media accounts revert back solely to your use. Any work we have done on them remains, and posts we have done stay. The accounts are yours.

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