How to write a strategy for your nursery’s social media.

Do you mix up the content you post to your social media channels? If you want to try and beat the pesky algorithms then it’s vital you switch it up, and your priority absolutely needs to be focused on keeping your audience engaged.

Posting repeatedly about booking tours, coming in for visits or getting on waiting lists won’t have the desired affect compared to an interesting variety of posts that show off your setting and what makes you special.

When we are writing a strategy for our nursery clients we start off by considering the 3P’s when it comes to content; Positioning, Problem Solving and Promotional. We then divide our posts fairly equally between these sub-headings. So the kind of posts you’re looking for, for each sector are as follows:

These posts build trust in you as an expert. Showcase what you know about Early Years and the value being at your nursery brings. Why do you do certain activities? Share that it is to help develop fine motor skills or their imagination etc. Tell people how long you have been established, why they should choose you, what sets you apart.

Problem Solving
What problems can you solve for them? These posts need to solve a pain point for a family. Maybe you are open longer hours, maybe you are located on a commute even if you’re not close to home, do you offer a more home from home environment which a family are struggling to find? Think of all the problems you have been told you have solved for a family and use these as posts.

These are the more obvious posts, but promoting yourself can still be done subtly. Share testimonials, these can be from online reviews or cards or gifts that have been sent in. They show potential families how much your current ones appreciate you. You can also include upcoming news about open days or even virtual tours if people would rather not visit during these Covid times. Encourage people to contact you with any questions, and assure them that no question is too silly. First time parents, especially, can sometimes be wary of asking what may seem obvious.

Varying your posts and encouraging interaction will help you reach a wider audience and allow you to position yourself as the must view nursery in your area.

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