How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

Wondering why people use hashtags on Twitter? If you should be doing it too? And if so, how? We’re going to explain it as simplistically as we can, cause as you know, we don’t do complicated jargon.

What is a hashtag?

Ultimately it’s a phrase which has a # in front of it which is spelt out without spaces. Some examples would be #MondayMotivation #ChocolateLover #SocialMediaManager

Why does a hashtag do?

The hashtag’d phrase allows you to search by hashtag for other posts, as well as other people posting about the same thing and using the same hashtag. It would show you people you do and don’t currently follow, anyone that is using the hashtag. So if you want to search for fellow chocaholics to connect with as you may find their feed interesting you could put #ChocolateLover in the “Search Twitter” box and up would pop the tweets of anyone who had posted anything and used that hashtag within their post. If a lot of people are using the same hashtag at the same time it will show in the trending section of your Twitter page. You would often see news articles trending with hashtags such as #HurricaneIrma or maybe a celebrity name which is in the news such as #WayneRooney

Why should you use hashtags?

On a personal level, they allow you to find people with similar interests and hobbies as you, who you might like to follow and chat to. For your business they can be pretty amazing. Let us show you a very simplistic example; Imagine you are a Beauty Therapist based in Sussex who offers a specialised service, let’s say HDBrows. So you post numerous images of clients eyebrows which have had the treatment and you use the following hashtags #BeautyTherapist #Sussex #HDBrows You do this on numerous occasions and build up quite a collection of images online. Along comes Jane Bloggs who wants her eyebrows shaping and fancies trying a relatively new technique. She types in #HDBrows #Sussex and up pop all your images, she clicks on your profile page and follows you, she might spend a while continuing to check you out, she might ask some questions (Make sure you respond!) Then bam, you’ve got yourself a new customer.

Other great ways to use Hashtags you might not have thought of.

If you’re promoting an event you’re holding then you could create a hashtag and use it on all your marketing material. For example #HarrogateBakingShow2017 could go on all your social media, website and leaflets etc. Then not only would consumers be used to it in the lead up to the show but they could then use that same hashtag when checking in there or posting pictures from it, more great exposure for you. Another option is to run a competition asking people to tweet in and use a specific hashtag. Quite possibly the best way to use a hashtag is to take part in a Twitter “Hour” to connect with people online. More information on those here

One last thing…

Don’t hashtag everything, that’s just annoying.

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