How to Rock Facebook for your Business.

With over 2 billion active users every month you can’t afford not to have a Facebook page for your business. Here’s how to ensure it’s spot on to pull those clients in.

With over 2 billion active users every month you can’t afford not to have a Facebook page for your business. Here’s how to ensure it’s spot on to pull those clients in.

1.   Images – Make sure the image you are using for your profile picture and cover image are the right size and shape for the space allowed. Nothing looks worse that seeing images cropped or stretched to fit. It looks unprofessional and you get just one chance to make that great first impression and your images are what draw people in. Your profile image should be square, the size varies by device but if it’s square it will display just fine. The perfect size for your cover photo again varies by the device it’s being viewed on but if you go with 820 pixels by 462 pixels you should be looking good. *Top Tip* Did you know you can now upload a video as your cover photo? What a way to give a potential customer a snapshot of what you do without having to say a word! can produce these videos for you if it blows your mind just considering it!)

2.  Engage – Chat, chat, chat! If someone comments on your post, comment back. If someone     shares your post, thank them. If someone leaves you a review, leave them a message. This cannot be underestimated. People want to feel appreciated. You need to build up a rapport, make them part of your company’s online “family”. It’s an old saying but “people buy from people” You need to get to know your potential customers and they need to feel like they know you too.

3.  Stay Updated – You log onto Facebook to find a page, it loads and you see the last update was posted 3 months ago. You wonder; are they still in business, maybe they don’t use social media much, will they even answer if I send them a message? It is absolutely crucial you keep your page regularly updated. Not only will users be less likely to interact with you if you don’t, they are less likely to follow you. What value will you bring to their Facebook feed if you don’t update your page regularly? On the flip side, when a user logs on and sees regular engaging updates they are highly likely to follow you, they won’t want to miss out on some information, an offer, a deal or some news.

4.  Use Your Button – Facebook actually gives you a button on your page which has basically made it easier than ever to drive sales to your business. You can set it to Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More as well as others, and insert a link which will take the directly to the URL of your choice. Often the first time people stumble across you may be on your Facebook page and you have an opportunity to take them directly to your website. Use it!

5.  Be Attractive – Posts with images included get more attention. Fact. Always, always use an image alongside your post. Make sure any you do are free from copyright infringement or, better still, make your own. There are loads of free publishing tools available online now. We tend to use It’s easy, you can feel assured the images are ok to use and better still, if you’re not the most arty of people there are loads of templates you can use. LOVE social media and whilst we’re more than happy sharing these little nuggets of information with you we’re also well up for doing it for you! We’ve made it easy for even the smallest of businesses to work with us with prices starting at just £79.99 a month, we’re pretty sure we can add that value to your business in no time at all. Call us for a chat.

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