How to delete messages on a Facebook business page.

Last week we needed to delete some messages from our business page on Facebook but there was just no delete option there. We searched and searched but to no avail. We could mark them as “Done” but then they still appeared in the “Done” folder and hadn’t actually been deleted.

All the help on the internet referred us to an archive folder and to delete from there but there was no archive folder as we were using the new Facebook inbox. The more we looked the more frustrated we got. Then we had a lightbulb moment! We tried it, it worked, and now we’re sharing it with you!

So to delete messages on your Facebook business page, this is what you do.

1.  Go to your page and click “Inbox” (Top left)

2.  Click on the icon above your messages which is the question mark in a circular box.

3.  Select “Use Previous Version”

4.  Go into the message you want to delete and select “Action” from the box above the message.

5.  Select archive and repeat this process for as many messages as you need to delete.

6.  From the options above your message list select “Inbox” and a drop down menu appear.

7.  Click on “Archive” and this will display your now archived messages.

8.  Tick the little box that appears next to each message on the left hand side.

9.  Then select “Delete” from the “Actions” box above the messages.

10.All you need to do now is decided if you want to stay with the old inbox or go back to your new one by selecting “Go to new inbox”

Job done!

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