How do we start working with you?

Once you have decided you would like to go ahead and have us manage your social media we spring into action.

First of all we will email you a contract, some terms of business, a simple questionnaire and a GoCardless link to sign up for direct debits. The contract is a bit boring, as you’d expect, but it’s a necessary evil to make sure we are both protected when working together, after all we will be posting on behalf of your company so you want protecting right? The GoCardless link takes less than a minute to complete so that is super easy and the questionnaire is simple to complete but is valuable for us as an extra way of piecing everything together after the conversations we have already had.

At this stage we also ask you to send us everything you have in the way of images, videos and content so that we can pop it all into a file ready for the next stage.

Once we have all this back we will read through the questionnaire and often we will have a few more questions for you based on its content. It is crucial at this stage that we have a full picture of what your business ethos is, what you want to gain from working with us, who your ideal customers are etc etc.

We will then start to put a plan together based on what we know and what we have received from you, and what we understand your focus is. Nicky writes most of the content so she will set to work on this, it then gets passed to James for image production and scheduling.

With some of our clients we have set up WhatsApp groups. These are a simple way for you to send us messages and images whilst you’re on the go and can often be a great time saver rather than writing emails or making phone calls. That said, we can communicate with you in any way that suits, we like to make ourselves as easy as possible to work with.

Initially in these early stages there may be a bit of back and forth via email/message whilst we make sure we get the tone and content absolutely bang on. Once we’re up and running this settles down but we always appreciate anything you can send us that we can use for content. Our most successful accounts are the ones that include posts that show a more personal side to the business; such as what’s happening behind the scenes, product launches, staff out and about etc. As mentioned above, this can all be sent to us however you find it easiest.

With all the above signed, sealed and delivered, we can be up and running and posting to your account within 2-3 days! We don’t mess about.

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