Hashtag Help.

Hashtags aren’t performing like they used to. All Social Media Managers are talking about it and getting frustrated. But maybe it’s time you shook it up a bit.

We’re going to let you into a secret. There is a brilliant website called Gravtag. You enter 3 words that describe your post or the image you are using and it will bring up lots of hashtag alternatives for you. It’s magical and we had to share it. You can find it here www.Gravtag.com

When using Hashtags we recommend no more than 3 on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but to fill all 30 if you can on Instagram. There are some rumours that suggest using 30 on Instagram can restrict your post. This is rubbish. Instagram wouldn’t give you the option of 30 hashtags if they didn’t want you to use them, plus the more you use the more chance of being found, so why wouldn’t you?

Something else to bear in mind on Instagram is to use a mixture of popular hashtags (that have been used hundreds of thousands of times) and also some lesser used ones. The lesser used ones will help you stay around for longer if people search that hashtag, the ones used lots will see you bumped down the feed quickly. Make sense?

Let us know how you get on and if this helps you out.

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