From Folding to Flourishing in just 5 months…

And we’re going to tell you how we did it. We’ve been working with businesses to improve their presence on social media for around 18 months now. We work with all kinds of sectors but, subconsciously almost, we seem to be being taken in the direction of nurseries, playgroups and children’s out of school clubs. The results we have achieved with these have been exponential, so we thought it was about time we shared the love.

As with all clients, initially we get to know a basic overview of your business through our client questionnaire, we’ll also have had a few conversations with you by then and know your ethos and target market and the basics such as your opening and closing times. This is how we started with the client whose fortunes we turned around in just 5 months. They were considering closing and within just 5 months they had more than doubled their turnover and had a wait list in place. This is how we did it.

Firstly we had a good look at their social media audience and checked out when they were online and the kind of places they hung out when they were. We knew we needed to make the majority of our posts on their Facebook page in the evening. We spoke to the setting and asked them to send us any images they could, whilst ensuring they remained compliant with all safeguarding regulations, with a very brief sentence or so about what was happening in the pictures. We also did our research, what was happening in the news with early years that would be of interest to our parents? Any amusing videos trending that were relevant and that parents could relate to?

Now the important thing was not to overwhelm the audience with posts just for the sake of posting something. For the first week we put some basic info out there which clarified what the setting could offer, the hours they were open, their competitive pricing, what set them apart. We did this so that the existing audience were clear on who they were following and what they did. This may seem very basic, but it helped us ensure the current audience were our target and that they were more likely to engage, and if we lost a few followers that wasn’t important, as they most likely didn’t need what was on offer anyway.

 Then, after around a week to ten days we started to put our regular content mix into action. So for this we use the 80/20 rule; we put around 80% of posts to page which are information giving, interesting and engaging for our followers, including images of the nursery in action – people love these as they like to see what their children are getting upto whilst they are in the setting – and also letting them know about upcoming events. Then around a further 20% of posts which are directly selling what we do with a call to action such as ‘Message us now for more info’ or ‘Call us now to arrange your FREE trial day’ There is a reason we use this rule. If we posted content to the page which consistently sold to our audience, they would switch off. We all hate being sold to. The odd post here and there to nudge us into making that call is fine, but repeatedly being told to do so; not good. We made sure all of our posts were accompanied by a striking graphic produced in the company colours to grab browsers attention, and to make the page look polished and professional when someone checked it out.

 Alongside all this we made sure we responded to every comment, or used a reaction emoji. Answered every message, and if it was something we didn’t know the answer to we made sure a member of staff was alerted to it. We also looked out for every single opportunity to recommend them on social media that we could find. This was often on local community pages such as Spotted sites.

 Now we all know there is nothing like word of mouth marketing, so it was crucial we firstly requested as many reviews as we could from our past and present families. We did this with a post that included the link to leave a review. Then once we had those, we used one every couple of weeks as a testimonial post to make sure people were seeing them.

 During those first few months the enquiries and new starters just kept coming. Word was spreading and it was having a direct impact on the setting and its number of children on roll. Within 5 months their income had increased by over 120%! Now, almost a year on, they started the new academic year with a record number of children on roll and a wait list in place for some days.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the setting had to say “…Our intake for this forthcoming academic year will see an increase of 48%, our highest ever in Playgroup’s history…” and “Your enthusiasm to ‘jump on board’ as though it is your own business is second to none. We always feel that we are the only client that you have, and that nothing is too much trouble”

We love the work we do within both the Early Years area and the Childrens After School Clubs sector. When you love what you do the passion shines through. We get results, the review above is testimony to it.

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