We manage social media accounts for small businesses, by posting to their chosen platforms on their behalf, handling messages and engagement and helping to grow your customer base.

Following on from a chat or two, there’s a contract to sign, a quick questionnaire to complete and a direct debit link to set up.

You’re not! We work on rolling monthly contracts and just ask for 30 days notice if you decide to leave us as we’re often working that far ahead on content.

You make monthly payments by direct debit through an online system we use called GoCardless, it takes just a minute to set up. If you want to pay yearly in advance then we offer a discount for this too.
Usually as soon as we have the contact and questionnaire received back and the GoCardless link set up. So within hours really and we aim to have your first post online within 48 hours.
We will talk to you about your business and your ideal clients and from that we can usually work out where they hang out. From this we can prioritise the social media platforms we work on, especially if cost is an issue for you.
Absolutely you retain full access and rights to all your platforms and can post whenever you like. However, often we will have posts planned so it may work better for you to tell us what you want to post, send us a picture etc, so we can slot it in around our planning, and also save you a job too. Our current clients do this by email, Whatsapp or phone call and it works really well. We’ll work with you to find a solution that works best for you.
This depends on what package you are on and what your preference is. The most common answer to this is that we often notice a message come in and alert you to it if it’s something we can’t answer, you can then either answer yourself or let us know how you would like us to respond.
No. We work with a huge range of businesses from the finance and legal sector to takeaways, coaches, IT support, charities and cleaning companies. We do work with a number of kids cubs and childcare providers and receive great results for this sector. Nic has also written many articles to support social media usage for businesses in this sector and we recently won a nationwide Supplier of the Year award for services to this industry.
This varies by package but as a minimum we would post 3 times per week to give you a consistent, reliable presence.
As much information as you can give us! Pictures, team info, website links, industry websites and publications you use. Anything at all, even if you think it won’t be that interesting, you might be surprised. The accounts that have the most success on social media are the ones who can supply a steady flow of images, even if it’s a picture the mug you’re drinking out of that day!
You give us 30 days notice and until that time is up we carry on as normal. Once we stop working with you all the images and content we have created during the time we have worked with you are all yours to keep. That’s it. Simple.