Facebook Update 

Yep, you guessed it, Facebook has had yet another algorithm update and we’re once again faced with coming up with ways of working with it rather than lose even more engagement.

• Video…..again! We all know how important video is to Facebook (If you don’t, where have you been?) and now they’re making it that little bit more magical by giving preference to videos which people are actively seeking out. So the moral of this story is, make sure the videos you’re making are current with content people actually want to see. Video for video sake is not going to get searched out and therefore won’t be visible, a waste of your time.

• Don’t bait! We’ve all done it – “Tag a friend” and “Give this a like if…” on our posts. Well, if you do that now expect your reach to drop big time as Facebook are set to actually devalue posts like these, meaning they are less likely to show in the newsfeed of your followers. These posts are called Engagement Bait, asking for likes, tags, comments and shares, and Facebook is over them.

• Stop sending followers to some low rate website. – It’s been touted for a while now that Facebook doesn’t like it when we include website links on our posts. Facebook likes to keep its members on Facebook, not see them go off elsewhere. From a consumers point of view, how annoying is it when we click on a link to continue to read a story and then we have to complete pop up’s or subscriptions etc before we can even get to what we wanted to read? Infuriating right! So we are also going to see these get devalued. To make sure it doesn’t affect your reach make sure the pages you are linking to have great content, load up quickly and don’t have any suspicious or dodgy ads.

Ultimately the message is the same as ever; include really great content on your posts that people will want to see and you’re all good.

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