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How much do your value time?

The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money – Richard Edward Buffet.

When I was very new within the business world I attended a networking meeting where I listened to a very wise women talk about how we value things as a business owner.

She spoke about how she values money, and the growth of her business and all of the things you see and read about when you first start your business and you put as your stretch goal, or you’re this goal or the trending buzz word for a goal that week.

After a few minutes of reeling of what she valued she laughed and went quiet for a second, she then looked up at the group and said this one sentence that stuck with me since that moment.

“I value time more than anything”

She started to then say that time is worth more than anything else, as this is one commodity that we cannot make more of, we cannot grow big enough to create and that we cannot get back.

Now, this got me thinking….

As a virtual assistant I sell back to businesses and individual’s time, time to spend with their families, time to really work hard and push forward with their businesses and time to do what they wish.

This brought home to me the importance of outsourcing and how my business can give back that one commodity we cannot make more of ourselves. Time. When you outsource to a virtual assistant within my company you allow yourself to hand over those tasks that you know are so time consuming, that you detest but know are important and that are paramount to the daily running of your business.

You also allow yourself to accept that you cannot do and be everything within your business.

Now, that’s a hard lesson to learn for any business owner.

Another huge positive about utilising outsourcing within your business is that you are handing over tasks to individuals who have expertise within areas that you don’t. This means you will get to see those results from your social media marketing, you can start to utilise a fully constructed CRM that is purpose built for your business and so on.

Honestly, it was such a weight of my shoulders to be able to move forward with my business, not having to worry about those tasks that I always avoid on my to do list. Being self-employed, and owning your own business is hard enough, why don’t you let someone else have some of that burden?

So again, how much do you value your time?

Even though my trade is as a Virtual Assistant, I utilise businesses for my outsourcing needs. I cannot create an IT infrastructure, so I outsourced and paid a professional to do this for me for example. There is no shame in that!

I hope this has made you think about connecting with businesses such as BabblSocial or my own Virtual Assistant business R K Virtual Assistance!


@virtualassistrk https://www.facebook.com/VirtualAssistRK/

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