Facebook Insights

And how to use them so your page rocks.

So, you’ve got a Facebook Page for your business, you post to it, respond to any comments and messages, but that’s about it.

We’re going to share with you how you can find out when most of your followers are online, when’s the best day of the week to post, what content you post that they like the most and more. We’re not going to go into detail on every menu option, cause quite frankly you’d still be reading this in two days time! We’ve tried to pick out the most useful bits, here goes.

First up; you can find your Insights by going to your Facebook page on a desktop/laptop and clicking the option on the top menu “Insights” This will bring you up an overview of the last 7 days, there is an option to change this to other time frames such as 28 days or today. This bit is fairly self-explanatory, showing you how many people have viewed the page, how many likes you have had and also your reach. The word reach is banded about a lot on social media, it is the number of unique people who have seen your content. It can be people who follow the page, people who have liked, shared or commented on it, or people who have seen it due to their Facebook friends liking or commenting on it. It could also be from paid advertising, this is called paid reach rather than organic reach, these are differentiated from on this graph. Next to each of the graphs in the top right corner you will see a little i in a circle, if you hover over that it will tell you a little bit more about what each graph means. Just before we go any further we want to clarify this for you;

Likes – How many people like your page.

Reach – How many people saw the content you posted.

Engagement – How many people liked, shared or commented on your content.

If you click Likes or Followers on the menu on the left hand side you will see information which is pretty similar for both options. This shows you when exactly your Likes happened and also when any Unlikes happened, hopefully there won’t be too many of these! Next option down, still on the left hand side is Reach. One of our favourite graphs in this section is the 3rd one down – Reactions, Comments, Shares and more. You can hover over any point and it will give you more info.

Continuing on this left hand side menu and moving down to Actions on Page, you can see how many people have clicked on your Call to Action button, now don’t tell us you don’t have this set up cause that would just be madness! (If you haven’t, then look out for next weeks blog which will tell you how to make sure your Facebook page is fully optimised and maxed out with info).

Now, our absolute favourite section – Posts. The top section is the days of the week, the chart underneath is the hours in the day. This is showing you when the people who follow your page are actually on Facebook. This is the key info you need to use when deciding when to schedule posts to your page. If most of your followers are online at 8pm, then this is when to post. If you hover over the individual days it will show you precise times for that day too. For example more of your followers maybe online Mon-Fri than at the weekend. If you scroll further down the page you will see each post you have made to the page and how many people it reached. You can also see how many people engaged (liked, shared or commented) and in which way. This is great info for seeing a snapshot of which posts have worked well for you, so that you can plan more just like them. There’s an option to Boost Post next to each post here too, but we never recommend doing this, always better to do a specific targeted ad than boost a post. More on this another time, but if you’ve got any questions then fire them over and we’ll answer them.

The last section we’re going to look at this time is People. This is fairly self-explanatory once you click on it but it will show you if your fans and likers are male or female, their age range, whereabouts they are from and more. It can help you to identify your ideal customer, however remember if you have a lot of friends and family who like your page because they want to support you, but aren’t necessarily customers, then this information will be slightly skewed.

Facebook Insights really help you to get to grips with what the people who follow your page want. It can feel overwhelming as there is so much information available, just get used to looking at it and focusing on the areas we’ve gone into detail on above, then you can gently expand your knowledge as you start to understand it more. If you’ve got any questions at all then message us and we’ll get right back to you.

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