Don’t assume they know when you don’t know whether they do know.

If you are active on social media then every day your aim is to attract more of your ideal clients to like your page, with a view to turning them into customers.

Today, have a look at your social media pages as though you are a new follower who has just landed on your page. Is it clear they know what you do?

You might only have one shot to grab them, if they are misled by the most recent posts or are unsure because your About Us section isn’t completed accurately, they might just click off the page and then they’re gone, you’ve lost them.

So, we want you to look at all the social platforms you are active on and make sure your About Us section or bio is complete. If it’s LinkedIn, is your headline clear? You need to make sure that anyone who arrives on your pages is left with no doubt about what you can offer them, and what problem you can solve for them. We often encourage you to do an introduction post if you haven’t done one for a while, and on Facebook and Twitter it can be a good idea to ‘pin’ these to the top of your profile so that this is always the first post people see on your page.

If you don’t think you can look at your pages and see what may be glaringly obvious then ask a friend or colleague to do it for you or swap pages and make each other some notes.

Don’t let your ideal customers scroll on by because they’re not sure what you can do for them.

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