Do you know where your leads come from?

If you have a website you can often look at the analytics and see exactly what brought them to your website. Was it Google, a Facebook post, a lead magnet?

If your leads come in by email or phone call, do you ask how they found you?

It’s a crucial part of owning a business that helps to show you where to direct your marketing spend.

One company we work with deal with family disfunction, counselling, parenting classes. Their posts hardly get any engagement (you know we’re always honest) but we know why. If you and your partner needed support with behavioural difficulties in the family would you ask on a Facebook page? If your marriage was in trouble, would you comment on a post that offered some top tips? It’s highly likely you answered no to both of those questions.

The company we work with went from needing clients to survive, to having to recruit as they had a 3 month wait list.

This happened since we started working with them.

If you look at their Facebook page it looks dead.

When our client asks how they found them, their answer? Facebook.

That is why you should always ask how the person enquiring found you. They may have taken the decision to stop spending money on their Facebook page, and it would have been a mistake.

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