Do It Yourself Graphics so your Social Media Pages Pop!

You’ll all have heard that you shouldn’t post on social media without an image to grab attention. You’ll also know you’ll be in a sticky situation if you use a copyrighted image too!

 The safest thing to do is produce your own, but don’t shrink back in horror. We’re going to share with you a few of our favourite DIY image websites as well as some sites you can access loads of free images.

 So here we go, our pick of the best design sites;

 Canva – Lots and LOTS of free templates, as well as pre sized ones which are already set to the correct dimensions for each platform. Really easy to use, but like anything, the more you practice the quicker you’ll get. Free and paid options

 PicMonkey – Originally a photo editing tool but this has lots of great features and templates. In our opinion there aren’t as many of the tools and options that Canva offers you but it really depends on what you need it for. Free and paid options

 Easil – This is a great option. Loads of templates and tools and it’s great quality too. It also has a GIF maker and we all know how popular GIF’s can be! Free and paid options here too

 Adobe Spark – One of the benefits of this one is it fairly easy to use on mobile. It’s quite similar to Canva and it can be quick and responsive if you need something on the go. No surprises, this has both free and paid options too

 Now if you want royalty free images here are a few websites to check out;

 There are loads more around and you’ll find your own favourites, but we know people often don’t know where to turn when they’re first starting out. The great thing about creating your own images is that you can use your own company colours to give a uniformed look, overlay them with your company logo and website and lots more. Initially it can take some practice, and therefore time, but once you get the hang of your favourite platform you can have graphics designed in minutes.

 We’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave them in the comments below and have fun!

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