Do I have to have a presence on every social media platform?

This is a question we get asked a LOT. The simple answer is no. You may feel like you need to have all bases covered so that anyone can find you, however it is better to focus on a couple of platforms you enjoy, that also tie in with where your ideal clients hang out. For example, if you ideal clients are stay at home parents, then LinkedIn isn’t the best option for you.

 We think it is far more important to put your focus on a couple of platforms and do them well, in particular ones you feel confident on and enjoy. Make use of all the features, for example; use stories on Facebook and Instagram, people love to see snapshots of what you’ve been upto that day. You can sticker them up and make them look more attractive, overlay music, ask a question amongst many other things now so there’s lots of scope to make them more appealing, and stories are a great way to let people see a little bit behind the scenes, which followers love. Don’t be scared to try the features and have a play around, it’s not going to be on there long anyway and you get a chance to double check things before they actually go live.

 Twitter is a great B2B platform in particular but it’s probably the one we hear the most “I just don’t get it” comments about. The best way we can explain it is that it’s lots of status updates, and they move fast. The great thing about Twitter is that you follow people who have a similar interest to you, or are your target audience, which can make your Twitter a really interesting read, (Often better than seeing what your cousin had for lunch on Facebook!) You do need to put some time and effort into Twitter though, a tweet is visible for such a minimal time as the timeline moves so fast that you really need to be tweeting a few times a day to get any traction, though many of our clients just like a presence on there and a point of contact if a client needs it. If people stick with it they normally forge a long lasting love affair with Twitter.

 So, to sum up, pick your favourites but make sure they are where your potential customers are and don’t just post and run, be “social”

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