We’re an award winning Early Years social media team supporting childminders with marketing overwhelm, helping to position them as the childminder of choice in their area.

Are you tired of watching countless videos, reading lengthy blogs and posts about what you should be doing on social media, and exhausted with the fact it changes so often? We’ve got the answer – Supplying you with strategy driven, tried and tested social media posts with scroll-stopping images every month, for you to use without having to do all the research and saving you a tonne of time!

We get it, you’re in competition with a lot of other childminders and early years settings, you need to stand out, but marketing comes last in that long list of tasks and you rarely get round to it. You never have time. Well we’re going to do it for you, so you just have to do a simple copy and paste job once a month.

We’re going to give you all the tools you need to absolutely smash your social media marketing so that you get noticed by more families and have more enquiries for your childminding service so that you never have to worry where the next family is coming from.
We know exactly what you worry about; How can you get more enquiries? Will you be able to pay yourself what you deserve? What if a family moves on? 
Our membership will help you secure a constant stream of new enquiries and the opportunity to have an active waitlist!
It will give you the tools, copy text and images to post to your social media pages for a consistent marketing approach.
We will use an award winning, tried and tested, strategy driven approach to get you more enquiries and more exposure.

Why choose us?

We’re James and Nicky, we own Babbl, and we have developed this membership with people exactly like you in mind. We help overwhelmed or confused Childminders easily show up on social media and become organised, in control and able to build their reputation online to become the number one childminding business in their area.

We’ve got around 20 years of social media experience and we specialise in supporting the Early Years industry. Nicky writes a monthly column for Nursery World magazine and has been asked to judge the digital marketing category in their prestigious awards for two years running, which is an absolute privilege.

We’ve won a Supplier of the Year award for it and it’s an industry we are extremely passionate about. Nicky is a Chair of Governors for a local Primary School as well as a Trustee for a village playgroup, James is also a Trustee for a children’s charity. We are DBS checked and fully upto date with safe-guarding training too. You can be assured you and your business are in safe hands.

Are any of these you?

You don’t use social media for your business because you have no idea how it all works. You don’t know your Facebook from your Snapchat and have no idea how to even set a page up, let alone post to it. You know your childminding business should be on social media but you just keep putting it off.

You have social media pages up and running for your business but you just never have time to post to them, when you do it’s a bit last minute and not at the best time for your audience.You sometimes post 3 times a day, then don’t post for a month or more. There’s just never enough time.

You post to your social media pages but you have no strategy, aren’t sure what insights are and how you should use them and would love to know how to leverage your pages more in things like Facebook groups so that you can reach a larger audience. You’re considering using other platforms too and would love to try different kinds of posts.

Sound familiar? Great. You are in the right place.

We’ve listened to childminders across the UK and produced a membership that contains everything you need to smash your digital marketing.

We’re giving you a collection of posts every month that will get your business seen by more eyes, which translates to more enquiries and more families waiting to have you as their childminder.

You will stop spending time staring at a screen wondering what to post, or feeling like you’ve failed because you haven’t posted because you are just so busy.

You’ll receive 12 new social media posts every month, produced by an award winning team, specialising in the Early Years, with experience of what works for this sector when it comes to marketing. You’ll get the exact text you need to post, as well as an image and any hashtags and other relevant information. You will just need to copy and paste. Easy!

We understand your pain points.

Are you a childminder who just has no time to manage your social media? Or maybe you have the time but are lacking in know how? You’re feeling overwhelmed and you just don’t know where to start. You’re reluctant to outsource it because you like to have control over all things to do with your business but you know you need to market your business, but on a budget. You have no online focal point for information, your enquiries are low and you’re worried about the number of children you have now or in the future. You’re stressed, tired and pretty overwhelmed with it all.

We’ve got good news, there is a solution. We’ve worked with countless people just like you. They’ve now got a marketing strategy, it’s taking them far less time to manage their social media, they only need a minimal amount of knowledge, if any! They’re organised, in control and they have everything they need supplied to them monthly. They’re getting more exposure online, more leads, a consistent online presence they can be proud of and one that their parents love. They have a focal point for information online and they’re getting more enquiries, in fact some even have a waitlist!

What’s in the membership?
Award winning, strategy driven monthly social media posts, written and designed by experts in this sector to save you time, give your social media pages more exposure and more enquiries.

 All this for just £39 a month (you can cancel at any time) or £390 if you pay annually (giving you the equivalent of two months free!)
If just one child joins you full time as a result of this membership they are worth around £12,000 to you!
It’s a no-brainer!
Take a look into your future, how will your business perform if you continue as you are without taking action? Are your prospects likely to change? Will you continue to feel stressed and overwhelmed?
You’re 313% more likely to have marketing success when executed with a sound strategy. Our membership will mean you never have to wonder what to post to your social media pages again.

We know you’re serious about your business, that you have so many rules and regulations to abide by, that the impact you have on a child’s life helps set the foundations for their future, show your online audience just how important this role is to you, this isn’t just a little side hustle.

Listen to what one of our valued clients says about working with us.

We helped one setting increase their turnover by 126% in just 5 months.
One setting was on the verge of closing, they now have a waitlist.

Your Questions Answered:

I don’t even have a Facebook Page, will this work for me?
ABSOLUTELY! We have a how to guide for everything imaginable, including setting up a page to perform at its best. Then all you have to do is copy and paste our posts and images in whenever you want to post.
I use social media for my setting but I’m not consistent, is this for me?
YES! Because we are supplying you with the posts you need for the whole month, every month, you can schedule them all in an hour or so and know you are sorted for the month ahead.
How are the posts supplied?
They are on a Word document that you can just copy and paste from. Easy!
Do I get access to the Membership straight away?
Yep, you sure do. Immediate access to everything within it so you’re all set and good to go, with your new content dropping on the 28th of each month, ready for the month ahead.
Can I cancel if it’s not for me?    
YES. You can cancel your membership at any time.
Will you support us if we get stuck?
OF COURSE! Hopefully you will be able to tell from the comments from our clients that we are easy to work with, accessible when you need us and friendly too! We want to see you do well, we’ll help you in any way we can.

Facebook has 2.91 billion monthly users, with the largest age group using it being 25-34 years of age, and 54% of those are using social media to research products and services. 

Are you reaching them?

What will the membership do for you?