Be Social – How to use Facebook Groups and Community Pages to get your business seen by a new audience.

Your Facebook page is up and running and being posted to regularly, but you don’t seem to be seeing many new followers?

We’ve got 3 top tips for you this month to help you be more proactive on the platform.

  1. Like Pages and join Groups as you Nurseries page.

If you are an Admin on your nurseries page, then when you ‘Like’ a page you will get a pop up asking you to like the page as yourself or the nursery. Selecting your nursery will get your nursery page seen by the page owner and can lead to some great collaborations.

When you join a group you can sometimes do this as your page instead of personal account too (it depends on the settings the group owner has selected) This means when you post or respond to a post it will appear as the nursery and not you personally.

2. Find local groups with your ideal customers in them and be social.

Search Facebook for groups for parents in the area you are based. For example – Stoke Mums or Nottingham Twins Club. Join them and get chatty but don’t be overly promotional. Answer questions when you can and give guidance, and of course if someone asks for childcare recommendations then go for it. Building relationships in groups like these is a great way to build trust too. Always be genuine though.

3. Find local promotional groups.

There are some groups on Facebook that are there purely to help local businesses thrive. They have been set up by the local community to help people ‘shop local’ These are usually really supportive places to post, and most of the posts are promotional so it’s fine to sell yourself a bit on there. If you have a graphic or flyer you can use with the post, a special offer you want to share, a free trial day you want to push then go for it. If you can’t find one locally then set one up!

The essence of all this is to be social, that is what social media is all about. All of the above are great ways to build relationships in your community, does your local butcher deliver your meat? Could the local baby yoga class come in once a fortnight? Relationships and collaborations lead to word-of-mouth recommendations, and those are the best kind!

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