Be more James…

James doesn’t even like to talk about the money when it comes to our business. Sometimes Nicky will mentally prepare him by telling him she’ll keep it brief, but that she has to share it with him so he is at least kept informed. But even then his eyes glaze over and he mentally checks out just a little bit.

Nicky loves the stats. The income, net and gross profit, the increase month on month,  year on year, what we need to do to hit the next target. She could look at it for hours.

James just wants to know if we’re ok and when we might be millionaires.

Nicky’s love for numbers ends there though. She hates data entry and the actual inputting of all the information. We were very lucky that right from the get go James’ wife, Helen, said she would look after our accounts for us, she’s fully qualified and knows her stuff and oh my god what a blessing she is! If Helen wasn’t around to do it we would face the dilemma of Nicky having to do something she really doesn’t enjoy and, although she has a basic knowledge of book keeping and has done it for a previous business, it really is a basic knowledge, she’s far from an expert. So we would probably outsource, cause why would you do something in your business you don’t enjoy or you aren’t that great at?

Most of our clients come to us for this exact reason. They either don’t particularly like social media so they find it tedious and dull, or they have no idea what platforms they should be on, when they should be posting, or even what they should be sharing. Or often they don’t have time, or their time is better spent elsewhere and they can bring more money into the business doing other things even when offset against our fees.

Our packages start at just £249 a month (inclusive of VAT) so we’re not talking large numbers here. What could you be doing to increase income in your business, if you didn’t have to think about your social media AND it was being handled by experts who would also be better placed to bring you more exposure and leads from that source too?

Be more James. Know it’s taken care of, that you’ll be alerted to any issues, and you just focus on when you’ll be a millionaire.

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