How long should it be?

We all know video content wins on pretty much every social platform, and if you currently don’t do any, then anything is better than nothing. However, if you are looking to streamline your video content a little more and really make sure you’re getting it right and it’s optimised for every social platform, then we […]

Be more James…

James doesn’t even like to talk about the money when it comes to our business. Sometimes Nicky will mentally prepare him by telling him she’ll keep it brief, but that she has to share it with him so he is at least kept informed. But even then his eyes glaze over and he mentally checks […]

Now convert them.

Are you great at nurturing your followers? Are they really engaged? But then it comes to converting them into paying customers and you fail miserably and then feel crap? Social Media Today have shared a brilliant infographic, produced by Ashlyn Carter, that gives you a list of words and phrases which help you convert. They […]

Do you know where your leads come from?

If you have a website you can often look at the analytics and see exactly what brought them to your website. Was it Google, a Facebook post, a lead magnet? If your leads come in by email or phone call, do you ask how they found you? It’s a crucial part of owning a business […]

Hashtag Help.

Hashtags aren’t performing like they used to. All Social Media Managers are talking about it and getting frustrated. But maybe it’s time you shook it up a bit. We’re going to let you into a secret. There is a brilliant website called Gravtag. You enter 3 words that describe your post or the image you […]

Make sure it’s win win

Have you ever run a competition on your social pages? They can be a great way to boost engagement with your existing audience as well as helping you find a new one. Our top tip though is this – Make sure the prize is uniquely relevant to your ideal audience. For example, let’s just say […]

Are you open? Hellooooo…

Nicky loves to shop local. Whether it’s for products or services, she will always support local when she can. For a number of years now she has had a vegetable box delivered from the local farm, in fact it was something she suggested to them so she could support local rather than the large nationwide […]

A fresh pair of eyes

Last week when she was going through our pricing with a client, Nicky noticed something really obvious was missing on our website. We hadn’t included how many platforms our middle priced package included, so what is actually really good value for money, looked like a bit of a rip off. When you know how something […]

Wow them!

This blog is inspired by a top tip Nicky received in an email from a Social Media Managers membership group she is part of, The Inner Hub with The Two Lauras. It was too good not to share! They suggested finding people who had a marketing budget by using the free magazines that pop trough […]

Instagram Facts for your 2021 Marketing

We’re not going to write lots today, we think this infographic from gives you a great snapshot for whether you need to be on Instagram for your business.