Are you staring at a screen?

For the past ten months we have mostly stayed home, and at times during this we have been in lockdown.

Surveys and recent studies have shown that when we’re in lockdown social media usage goes up, a lot.

So our top tip today is to keep in touch with your followers. Everything is so unpredictable at the moment and the rules and regulations are so changeable too that people aren’t sure who is open, closed, trading online, open for reduced hours….. you get our drift.

Keep showing up online and tell people what you’re doing, how they can contact you, what your delivery timescales are likely to be, even when they can expect an email to be responded to. People understand things might take longer but they like to be informed. Manage their expectations, it will actually save you time as they won’t end up chasing you.

You can keep your posts simple, we know time is tight.

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