Are you open? Hellooooo…

Nicky loves to shop local. Whether it’s for products or services, she will always support local when she can. For a number of years now she has had a vegetable box delivered from the local farm, in fact it was something she suggested to them so she could support local rather than the large nationwide company she was currently buying from. Then, this time last year, when everyone was starting to temporarily close she discovered another local business who delivered fresh fruit each week contactless to the door, so she started to have that delivered too, and still does, even though the shopping pandemonium has died down compared to what it was! Remember ‘toilet roll gate’ 🤦🏻‍♀️

We know many people are passionate about shopping local and supporting their community. We also know that as of January this year there were 50 million Facebook accounts registered to the UK and that two thirds of those visited a local business page weekly!

Studies have shown that when a user visits a Facebook Page and find it hasn’t been updated for a while and the content is out of date, their first thought is that the business has closed or ceased trading. They move on. Can you imagine having an interested customer get as far as searching you out, finding you, then walking away? That lost sale, that lost money.

We know that posting just 3 times a week can help to keep your page current, your audience engaged and your potential clients in absolutely no doubt that you are active, trading and open for business.

If you are struggling to keep your social pages current then talk to us, we have packages starting from as little as £249 a month, and as the country begins to open back up again, we can make sure that you don’t have any potential clients walking away because they think you’ve shut up shop. Just hit reply on this email for a chat.

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