A fresh pair of eyes

Last week when she was going through our pricing with a client, Nicky noticed something really obvious was missing on our website. We hadn’t included how many platforms our middle priced package included, so what is actually really good value for money, looked like a bit of a rip off.

When you know how something works it’s easy to presume others do too. You don’t always see the glaringly obvious because in your head it’s already there. We have both looked at that page a number of times and not noticed it.

You know when sometimes you’re looking so hard for something and someone else comes along and spots it right away? It’s like that.

That’s just one of the reasons we offer a one off audit for any of your social media platforms. We’ll make sure the best copy is where it needs to be, we’ll make sure you’re using certain keywords, we’ll re size any images so they’re just right, we’ll make sure that people landing on your pages will be in no doubt what it is you do. We’ll basically perk up your page and ensure it’s optimised to the hilt.

Simply email us if you’re interested – hello@babbl.co.uk

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