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With many blog posts going viral and bloggers being able to command fees for companies advertising on their sites or being mentioned, it’s understandable that some of you may be wondering what the fuss is all about and actually, if you should be blogging for your business. The answer is a resounding, yes!

Google loves it – There are many reasons you should blog and the fact that google loves blogging is a great one. Googles search engine algorithm causes it to prioritise fresh content, as most pages on your website are static and don’t change, a blog being uploaded every week (or more often if you can) enables it to see new information and content when they scan your site.

Get yourself heard – One of our favourite reasons to blog is that it gives your company a voice. In a crowded market place your blog can set you apart from your competitors and enable prospective and current clients to get to know you, your business and your ethos. If you enable comments on your blog too it gives you a great opportunity to encourage engagement and relationship building. We hear time and time again that people buy from people, let your audience get to know you.

Inexpensive is good – Blogs are inexpensive to create so they are a great alternative to traditional advertising. They cost you your time, which is precious, but nowadays there are so many companies out there that will blog for you (like us – shameless plug!) that you can even weigh up the cost of your time versus someone producing it for you. Our prices start at approx £30 per blog depending on the research etc involved in its creation. Once produced its yours to use wherever and forever.

Content is King – Your blog will give you great content. Not only does it sit within your website but you can share it across social media platforms and in newsletters to drive traffic to your website. You can use it time and time again too as long as the information within it is still current, and hey, even if it isn’t, a little update and tweak won’t take long.

Be the Expert – When you’re blogging about your business you are sharing information, this helps you to be seen as an expert in your field. If you are consistent followers will begin to see you as the go to person in that area. This builds trust and can lead to all sorts of opportunities, not just new customers, but collaborations and additional work in areas you maybe hadn’t considered too, like seminars and talks, columns in printed publications, the list is endless.

For more information on our blogging service feel free to contact us through our website, by email at hello@Babbl.co.uk or call 07563 338768.

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