Did you write it off?

Do you use Twitter for personal or business use? Or do you steer well clear? Twitter have just posted their first quarter results, since founder Jack Dorsey announced his intention to depart, and managed to add more than 6 million users in that 3 months!They’ve also posted a year on year profit increase of a […]

Get your engagement moving.

Are your posts dead? Is no-one commenting or liking and you feel like you’re talking to an abyss? We’ve got 3 posts that are a sure fire hit to get you some engagement, which will help to kick start your viewings on future posts (as long as they’re good!) Share a picture of you taken […]

Managing social media in a crisis.

The first thing we did last week as news of the crisis in the Ukraine broke, was review all the posts we had planned for our clients and move or adjust any that we didn’t think were quite right for the times we are living in at the moment. We’re reviewing it on a daily […]