Lead Magnet Magic.

We thought everyone knew this, but turns out a lot don’t, so we thought we would share it with you just in case. We are big advocates of growing a mailing list for your business, just so you have something to fall back on if your social media pages disappeared overnight, it has happened, believe […]

Don’t assume they know when you don’t know whether they do know.

If you are active on social media then every day your aim is to attract more of your ideal clients to like your page, with a view to turning them into customers. Today, have a look at your social media pages as though you are a new follower who has just landed on your page. […]

Reels Only!

When Instagram Reels launched it was immediately seen as an alternative to TikTok, which was of course the aim. However, lots of people felt a quick win would be to recycle their TikTok content in Reels. We all know that Instagram are prioritising Reels content over any other, so it made sense to focus on […]